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With Abdulhamid Han Airport Transfer No Worries About Arriving on Time
One of the biggest worries travellers have is arriving on time to the airport. Whether it’s traffic congestion, forgetting an item at home, or misreading the departure time on the ticket, there are a number of reasons you can end up running to catch your plane. With a dedicated driver, you can reduce a lot of the worry that comes with having to get to the airport on time.
Airport transfer drivers know the best routes for getting to the airport from your home. They can also make things easier by ensuring you arrive at the optimum area for departure at the airport. They will also schedule a time that is convenient for you while ensuring that you have a cushion of time to prevent lateness in case of a traffic problem

Reduce Stress When Travelling by Hiring an Abdulhamid Han Airport Transfer
When travelling from İstanbul, whether you’re a domestic or international traveller, you can reduce the stress that comes with having to find parking, paying for parking and trying to navigate around the airport with İstanbul airport transfers. With a transfer, a driver is sent to pick you up and transport you to and from the airport. This greatly reduces stress because all you have to focus on is getting packed and getting on the plane. You will feel less rushed and be able to enjoy your trip.
Istanbul Neuer Flughafen Der Security Check ist die reinste Schikane. 1 Feuerzeug in der Jacke ist verboten, 6 weitere im Handgepäck jedoch zulässig?? Die Flüssigkeitsbegrenzungen wurden eingehalten, trotzdem musste nochmals alles ausgeräumt und separat verpackt werden. Schneekugeln mitzuführen ist neuerdings generell verboten?! Ich war bereits an vielen Flughäfen, nur die Probleme hatte ich noch nie. Sollte man Anschlussflüge haben sollte man mind 2 Std einplanen  oder sich gleich um einen Ersatzflug bzw Hotel bemühen. Die aufgesetzte englische Freundlichkeit ist dann dazu das I-Tüpfelchen. Ohne Worte
Nice and clean. About the staff they was kind with me.
This is departing from Istanbul New Airport Was a very sad duty free shop no smokes and a lack of quality and choice in alcohol. Istanbul old Airport, Duty is far superior. Don't leave the duty free shop as you can't get back in and the notice for this is on the outside of the door
Estambul nuevo aeropuerto Es un aeropuerto muy grande y muy concurrido con gente de muchos paises del mundo entero, con mucho control al entrar a la zona de embarque, anda con tiempo para no perder el avión, coloca bien en bolsas ciclo los artículos de menos de 50ml porque lo de más te lo retienen, como perfumes licores etc, el lugar es limpio y bien señalizado, tenes que esperar una vez superado el control , en sectores asignados donde te ponen por pantalla de donde salen los vuelos y los gates , promedio una hora antes para dirijirse al gate asignado sobre el boarding pass, estate atento para el gate, por que te pueden dar un gate no cercano al de donde estas esperando cómodamente, hay muchas tiendas y te podes distraer. Y también muchos lugares para almorzar cenar  o desayunar. El lugar está bastante refrigerado , y bien ambientado en todo sentido.
Y como te dije un mundo de gente , que va de acá para aya. Hay muchas tiendas conocidas,  y un hermoso free shop lleno de mercaderías.
Aeropuerto amplio y de fácil caminar con distintos lugares para realizar compras
One of the best airports I have ventured through. The staff helped me and went above and beyond to get me on to my flight. Thank you.
Istanbul New Airport is a great airport overall, there is plenty to do while waiting. Unfortunately the car park needs improvements as it is a nightmare to leave, it should have more lanes...
I had to be assisted as I am using crutches. My experience was excellent. Very helpful and kind staff.
Istanbul New Airport is quite good. It's got smooth processing and a good mix of shops and cafes. It's clean, large but busy (as to be expected considering the passenger intake). Definitely get to the airport ahead of time but other than that, there aren't too many negatives to Istanbul.
I don't what will be my first experience, soon i am gonna visit
Истанбуль новый аэропорт Огромный аэропорт. Хорошие кафешки с едой. Вайфай бесплатный практически везде. Часами сидеть можно. Бесплатные стойки для зарядки гаджетов. И сидения без рукояток. Поспать можно час между рейсами.
Istanbul New Airport is a vast airport with everything needed to occupy your waiting time. Operations were slick and staff friendly and helpful. The place is clean and well maintained with good, clear signage and lots of convenient departure boards. There is a good infrastructure between terminals so there are lots of options for getting around between them.
This is my favourite airport on the world. There is so much space and security is always a breeze (fast track) the new point at Border Control have really helped with wait times (if you have an e passport and traveling without children. It’s always nice after this to go to my favourite lounge The Concorde Room.
Top tip don’t take the rip off Istanbul New Airport Transfers goes into the heart of Istanbul and beyond for a much more reasonable price.
Very good airport loads and loads of good flights, plenty of good restaurants although gates and toilets can be a walk from the departure lounge.
Übersichtlicher Flughafen, Anbindung  nach Istanbul super. Die Wartezeit lässt sich gut mit Cafe' s, Restaurants, Pub's und Geschäften überbrücken. Unfreundliches Personal oder dreckige Plätze sind mir nicht aufgefallen.
Sauberer und gut organisierter Flughafen. Das Personal ist freundlich und aufmerksam. Ich hatte hier einen Zwischenstopp und kann mich, außer über etwas lange Wege zwischen den A und B Gates im Terminal 2, nicht beklagen.
With both take off and landing strips, this airport will have you in the air in no time! However a word for the wise, if you wish to get out of the airport on time, make sure you rush to the front of the customs line. There's time to dilly-dally, pick up those feet and make sure you hurry!
Very well laid out airport, with clear signs as to where to go and helpful staff. They have moved closer to technology meaning sometimes a self check-in machine is the only option with staff to assist you use it.

Easy Transportation to istanbul new airport, Be secure and safe
Legitimate transfers Istanbul New Airport services provide their clients only the certified and qualified drivers who will bring you to where you need to be. With this, you do not have to worry about being tricked about the fare or experiencing any fraud from the people around you. You can rest assured that you are safe and you will be brought straight to your desired destination. This is why airport transfers are indeed very helpful especially for those who are going somewhere for the first time and is not yet familiar with it. You can also make sure that you will not get lost or have a hard time remembering the place that you need to go to.
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A new Airport in Istanbul is proposed. European part. It is located in the prestigious part of the city - Distance to the international airport. City Center and all Hotel Destinations 30 - 40 km away. The location of the complex is ideal for a relaxing Transportation, and for an active lifestyle. Airport Area are equipped with specialists in the latest design technology, finished with high quality materials. Noiseless, high-speed elevators.
The infrastructure of the area is fully equipped, near supermarkets, banks, shopping complexes, cafes and public transport stops.
The istanbul New Airport is located at the main road E5 and offers easy access with a central location.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan Airport Transfer
Whether you are our regular corporate client who wants peace of mind, knowing that you will always have your driver waiting for you at your pick up point, and knowing that you will have a safe and smooth journey to and from the airport, or just a visitor to İstanbul who wants a comfortable and pleasant ride to your hotel or tourist destination – you know you can count on the experience and dedication of the Airport Transfer İstanbul team.
Thank you very much for visiting our website, and we look forward to be given the opportunity and privilege of serving you.
If you have not used us before, why not give us a go – just fill in the free quote request form and we will be in touch soon.
Thank you and we look forward to being of service for all your local and corporate transfer needs in İstanbul!
Airport Transfer İstanbul was set up to provide the highest level of professionalism, reliability and comfort to our customers.
1) We are a 100% İstanbul owned company.
2) 5 years experience in the İstanbul based hire car/ airport transfer industry.
3) Price guarantee, no hidden costs.
4) Clean and air-conditioned luxury cars.(Mercedes Vito)
İstanbul Grand Airport transfer services are available between the city center and both Reservations can be made days, weeks or months in advance, but they must generally be made at least 48 hours in advance. When arriving at the airport you must call a special toll we number (before picking up your baggage) and you will be given a meeting point at your terminal. Once the shuttle arrives it will generally complete its circuit of the terminals to pick up other passengers (Mercedes Vito) then it will drop you off at your final destination in Istanbul. For departures you will be given a pickup time that will guarantee your arrival at the airport the required amount of time before your departure.
İstanbul offers transportation service to various locations to and from the all turkey and Touristic Region.

You can use the reservations section of the website to choose a destination that is not listed below.

Prices listed are based on one way trip. Rates are quoted on approximate area and specific destination and are subject to change due to special events or holidays and special accommodations.
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Istanbul Grand Airport transfer
With a capacity of 200 million passengers, the world will be the largest airport built from scratch Istanbul Grand Airport
Unlike many shopping venues and airports, the Istanbul Grand Airport will provide passengers with uninterrupted and flawless passenger experience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which will accommodate all the retail diversity and brand mix that a shopping center has. The Istanbul New Airport will have the qualities of being a living space where passengers can arrive at least 4 hours before their flight and have a good time with their families with different shopping, eating and drinking options and activity areas.
We will build the new airport at an area of 76 million square meters at a distance of 35 km from Istanbul to the city center. We will complete the airport in four phases and we will open the first phase, the terminal with 90 million year passenger capacity and three pistes in 2018. The new airport will host more than 350 destinations and more than 150 airline companies with a removable capacity of 200 million passengers annually when all phases are completed.
Istanbul Airport Transfer